Boy's pants
PeterPan collar blouse SS
Boy's sweater
Women's PE Skirt
plaid V-neck Jumper
Girl's sweater


​For plaid items, please select Blue Red Plaid

boys ss shirt



Girl's PE Skirt
boys ss shirt
boys plaid tie

Our staff is made up of Christians following the "call" of God.  They are trained and qualified through ACEs Supervisor Workshops in using the individualized curriculum.

Our Staff is led by Administrator,  Pastor and Retired USMC Vet, Aniceto "Gunny" Hernandez 

Gideon  Academy

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plaid cross-tie
plaid skirt

Gideon Academy began in 2010.  It is rooted in the foundation of American Education that God must be included in every part of our lives.  Since the birth of our school, it has been helping students and their families continue to develop and maintain trust in God for their education.  Gideon is now a ministry of Christ Centered Church Bakersfield, Inc. 

girls SS Peter Pan blouse

At Gideon, we believe our school uniform helps our students stay focused on their relationship with God and their education.  We also believe our school uniform helps parents financially by keeping their student's school attire simple.  Below are images of our uniform items that can be purchased at www.frenchtoast.com.  our school dress code for the Frenchtoast online catalog is QS5ZPPS. The images are also links to the Frenchtoast website.

For the PE Skirts, we shop at KosherCasual.com and use Item # 1440for girl sizes and # 1440for women sizes.  Just ensure you select the Navy Blue color.