Our staff is made up of Christians following the "call" of God.  They are trained and qualified through ACEs Supervisor Workshops in using the individualized curriculum.

Our Staff is led by our Administrator Carlos Zepeda who reports to our School  President,  Pastor and Retired USMC Vet, Aniceto "Gunny" Hernandez 

Gideon  Academy

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Gideon Academy began in 2007.  It is rooted in the foundation of American Education that God must be included in every part of our lives.  Since the birth of our school, it has been helping students and their families continue to develop and maintain trust in God for their education.  Gideon is now a ministry of Christ Centered Church Bakersfield, Inc. 

All students enrolling with Gideon Academy must receive the diagnostic test prior to beginning school.  For grades 1-8, this test includes an assessment for Reading Comprehension, English Grammar, Math, and Spelling.  Once completed, we will be able to prescribe gap paces to help students reconnect with what they have previously learned.  After the gap paces are completed, the student will be assigned curriculum at their learning level.

For Kindergarten students the test is more of a coordination evaluation.  It evaluates the motor skills of the child and the hand and eye coordination.

Please fill out the form for the upcoming diagnostic test dates. 

Diagnostic Testing