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We help students grow strong and prepare for success

Gideon gives students 9-12 yrs and 13-17 yrs the opportunity to compete with other Christian schools in California and Internationally in many categories including, music, drama, academics, sports, art, and many more.  

Beyond Classroom

Proven Curriculum

Gideon Academy builds on character


We believe true education includes building our students moral character along with their academic knowledge. We are told in Proverbs 1:7,

                  "Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true knowledge..."


At Gideon Academy we help each student with individualized curriculum that incorporates God's Word in every subject. This is a great approach, because it allows each student to work at their learning capacity and their zone of proximal development.


Are you ready to start building?

The curriculum we use has been proven for over 40 years.  It is solid in developing the student's academics knowledge and incorporates Scripture to help with character building. 

Christian Education


Easy, fill out the registration forms, your student takes a placement test, and then their curriculum is ordered to fit their learning plan.


* International Student Convention, May 19-24

* Last day of school May 11, 2018